Safari Sound Interview and dubplate mix for Riddim Magazine


Some years ago when Riddim Magazine started to put out issues in English, the whole world were happy that there finally was a proper magazine about reggae, in English! Unfortunately this did not last to long and the Riddim Magazine crew decided to only produce the magazine in German, as it was from the beginning. To bad for us non-German speakers!

However if you speak German, make sure you pick up this issue of Riddim Magazine where there is a full page interview with Safari Sound. We also did a mini dubplate mix for the CD that comes with the magazine.  You might think that there´s no idea for you to grab a magazine which is in a language that you might not be familiar with, just to hear that dubplate mix. Don´t worry, you can also check it online on our soundcloud page. Just check bellow:



A few weeks ago we had the premiere night of our monthly dance LOUD:R! which we do together with Stereo Steppas. It was a successful evening and we gave the people everything from Bob Andy to Alkaline. The night ended in a friendly dub fi dub and the vibe were crazy. This is what it looked like:

Make sure you pass through LOUD:R! 25/10 if you love good reggae music from then until now, and spontaneous soundclashes.

Screechy Dan – My Story Official Mixtape [100% Dubplates]


A couple of months ago we teamed up with Kenny Meez from Federation Sound an DJ Autograph to produce the first Screechy Dan mixtape ever, a 100% dubplate mix. It was originally released on Large Up, together with some exclusive tracks and a sound FX package.

Read all about the mix, grab a slice of the pre-release songs and the sound FX package here and in case you aren´t that familiar with Screechy Dan, get to know him a bit better. Tracklist and the mix below: